Financial solutions to move your business towards sustainability

Maximise your return, minimise the stress; let us take care of the financing for your business and get your deals closed. Whether you need us to take care of the entire process or just some advice to point you in the right direction, we are here to make things simple and clear.

Stress-free & Simple Financing

We take the complexity out of financing and offer you clear and simple solutions so you can focus on your goals, not the process.

Maximum Returns

With our in-depth knowledge, experience and network you can rely on us in getting your deal closed with maximum return.

Personalised support

No two businesses are the same. We always make sure to properly analyse your business and goals to offer you the optimal solution unique to you.

Our Services

To help you find what you need quickly, we outlined our services below to point you in the right direction. Click “view services” to read more.

Debt and Equity

When you need support with attracting financing, the buy or sell of assets or projects or optimising your financial structure.

Transaction Assistance

When you need support with your financial model, contracts or business case, want to know your risks and options or need a partner in your development.

Creating a better world together

We specialise in financing renewable energy

Having been involved in financing green loans with a total of €5 billion, our biggest drive is reversing climate change. We have financed multiple technologies that support green energy, including on- and offshore wind, PV and CSP solar, hydro power and electricity infrastructure among many other things. Click the button below to see how we can support you in becoming a more sustainable business.

Involved in projects with a total combined value of


 former board member of

Rabo Groenbank

Active in project and corporate finance for over


Experts in corporate sustainability

We are a professional, transparent business with 20+ years of experience in renewable energy, infrastructure and corporate finance across a variety of industries.

You will work directly with our CEO Ewout Krijger, expert in corporate sustainability and financing and former board member of Rabo Groenbank. He will assess your goals and identify the optimal financial solution for your specific needs, keeping things simple and clear.

Book your free consultation today to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

Ewout Krijger, CEO

We don’t just do financing. We help our planet by assisting businesses move towards

Our promise

Whatever your specific needs are, we always make sure the process is smooth, clear and goal-orientated. 

Regular Updates

Keeping you in the loop through regular updates on the progress of your deal.

Fully managed process

We take care of managing the financing process so you don't have to worry about it.

Seal the deal

We use our expertise, resources and network to close the deal for you.

Dedicated support

We are 100% committed to your case to make you our next success story.

Risk Assessment

To make properly informed decisions, we perform thorough scenario based risk assessments.

Options & Solutions

We deal with all the relevant issues and create an overview of all the options and scenarios available to you.

Are you ready to leverage your business?

We are excited to start working with you and make your business our next success story. 

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