Debt & Equity

We support your company in finding the best value proposition whether this is in buying or selling assets / projects, attracting financing or optimising your financial structure. We find the best solution together with you.

Mergers & acquisitions

We help companies, developers, funds and investors with buying or selling assets and projects in renewable energy.

You can rely on our experience
 and skills in structuring & process management to support your transaction with an optimised value proposition. Our services range from scouting, coordination & execution, financial modelling and valuation, due diligence, documentation and financing.

Debt Advisory

With our experience in structuring and closing transactions we support you to ensure the bankability of your transaction.

We use our risk allocating and structuring skills to support your transaction from an early stage in the process, which optimises your terms and options and improves your expected returns. We will lead the competitive consultation process, prepare the information memorandum, appoint and manage advisors and manage the due diligence process.

We support you with all financial and commercial documentation, including final negotiation with debt providers and fulfilment of required conditions. We allow you to stay in control of your risk allocation and return by adapting the financial model, leading to a successful close of your transaction.

We are experienced in working with banks, the European Investment Bank (EIB), export credit agencies, institutionals such as pension funds and insurance companies, (semi-) capital providers such as (infrastructure) funds, private equity and investment companies. 

We have structured senior loans, project bonds, junior loans, mezzanine, equity bridges, subordinated loans and equity for deals in project finance, acquisition finance, corporate finance, holdco finance and portfolio finance. 

Equity advisory

With an optimal capital structure you can increase your return while still ensuring bankability. We will work with you to determine the optimal capital structure by providing insight into all relevant requirements, including those of different investors. 

With our specialised experience we can support you in different forms of (semi-) equity including mezzanine and junior financing.

Financial Modelling

A financial model brings all aspects of a financing together and is at the heart of any financial analysis or decision making.

Our modelling capabilities allow us to make the specific model required for your financing with up to date standards and optimal use of subsidy schemes.

With the model we can support you in contract negotiations, perform scenario analyses, structuring and arranging debt and M&A transactions, but also supplier selections and bid strategies.

Our models are made with great accuracy to allow flexibility during the process.

Experts in corporate sustainability

We are a professional, transparent business with 20+ years of experience in renewable energy, infrastructure and corporate finance across a variety of industries.

You will work directly with our CEO Ewout Krijger, expert in corporate sustainability and financing and former board member of Rabo Groenbank. He will assess your goals and identify the optimal financial solution for your specific needs, keeping things simple and clear.

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Ewout Krijger, CEO

Involved in projects with a total combined value of


 former board member of

Rabo Groenbank

Active in project and corporate finance for over


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